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New Model Replacing JAGUAR is the Combi



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General information:


Condensate is generally seen as water which occurs through condensation which condenses out of the air. In air conditioning and refrigeration engineering, condensate can arise in various ways :
- condensed building water (cooled or heated)
- cooled air in cooling plant and refrigeration plant
- steam in heat pumps and radiators
- the exhaust air from highly efficient furnaces

Why do we need condensate pumps?

Condensate pumps are a special type of pumps with which the condensate can be pumped off if it cannot naturally drain away on a slope. The pumps usually consist of the actual pump block and a sensor unit which is either integrated into the pump block or delivered separately.

The advantages of using electronic sensors

The majority of condensate pumps are fitted with a classic float switch. EDC has chosen to use a completely different approach. All condensate pumps are fitted with an electronic sensor which is a lot more reliable than the classic float. There are no moving parts in the electronic sensor which can stick due to dirt in the condensate and therefore prevent correct operation of the pump. One further advantage is the flexible positioning. The special design means that the pump does not have to be positioned exactly horizontal but can accept a tilt angle of up to 90°! Therefore the pump sensor or the pump can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, precisely at the location where there is space available.


Horizontal tilting tolerances



Vertical tilting tolerances