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The history of EDC International Ltd.

EDC International Ltd. was founded in 1981 and was one of the first companies to put electronic components into air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Products developed by EDC include timers, safety relays and temperature-dependent alarm systems. Expansion of the product range took place in 1987 with the introduction of the first condensate pump. The Waterway Master Pump was developed as a high performance condensate pump for large plant; its smaller sister, the Micropump, was born at the same time. EDC then brought the Pacific pump to market in 1999; this two-part condensate pump has remained one of the best-sellers for EDC to this day. The Pacific pump can be installed in the narrowest of spaces because it utilises a separate sensor. The next product in the range, the Limpet condensate pump, meets the most recent market requirements. This is the first condensate drain system that EDC has developed for mounting outside or underneath an air conditioner. The Limpet was introduced onto the market at the IKK 2003.

Rapid growth in the company prompted a move, in May 2005, to large new production facilities next to the Thames in Pangbourne. EDC International Ltd. was acquired by REFCO Manufacturing Ltd., Switzerland in September 2007.