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Low Ambient Controller

Control systems for low ambient temperatures

The LAC-2/1 is an electronic control system for heat exchanger fans for air conditioners and heat pumps. The control system regulates the fan speed in accordance with the ambient temperature. This electronic control system is advantageous for all air conditioners. The LAC-2/1 controls the speed of the fans in the condensation plant and thus ensures a constant economic refrigerant pressure under conditions of changing ambient temperatures. The sensor is attached to a coil on the heat exchanger and the LAC-2/1 control system is integrated in the fan motor circuit.

- prevents freezing of the coils inside the building

- functions with all commonly used refrigerants, including R410A

- shorter compressor running times

- can be installed in the smallest unit


Technical data

Fan motor voltage:                                         230 V 50/60 Hz

Max. continuous motor current:                      2 A

Max. start-up current of the motor:                 5 A

Max. ambient temp. for the control system:    50 °C

Condensation temp. control range:                 30 °C - 60 °C

Min. motor speed:                                            0 - 100 % (set at about 30 %

                                                                         in the factory)

Heat pump valve voltage:                                24 Vac - 250 Vac



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