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Waterway SkyJet

The climbing

The ‘Waterway SkyJet’ tank pump, with an extremely high delivery height, pumps water out of cooling rooms where condensate must be pumped over long distances as well out of large air conditioners for which condensate must be removed. This powerful pump rapidly pumps large volumes of water under a high pressure. The electronic water sensor circuit controls both the pump control and the alarm circuits while the ‘ENC’® circuit microprocessor automatically adapts the energy required up to the maximum possible in order to optimise the various flow rates and delivery heights. Attachments are available to fix it to the wall. The pump can, however, also stand with the tank on the floor. There is no need for external non-return valves.

- integral non-return valve

- integral dirt filter

- electronic sensor

- water level alarm

- integral ‘Electronic Noise Control’ ®(ENC)


Technical data

Pump output:              max. 70 l/h

Tank capacity:             2 litres

Delivery height:           max. 50 m


Spare parts and accessories

Clear PVC hose (a 30 m roll)



> Operating manual

> Electronic wiring diagram